Where to find Rio Olancho Coffee


Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee is imported to Canada through The Carpenteros and Friends, a Christian volunteer organization that has been supporting community development projects in Honduras since 2004.

In order to preserve fresh and maximize quality, Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee is imported as unroasted green beans, and is then roasted in 300-450 pound batches every month by Java Works Coffee in Mississauga, Ontario, so you are always receiving delicious, fresh coffee.


Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee is available in the Hamilton, Ontario area through the Carpenteros (info@carpenteros.ca), or from Calvary Christian Reformed Church, Flamborough, Ontario.

The Carpenteros supply coffee to individuals, churches and businesses.

In addition to 1 lb. bags of medium roast ground and medium roast whole beans, The Carpenteros also offer 2.5 ounce (12 cup) packets of ground coffee, as well as 12-ounce packages of the premium Cup of Excellence single origin coffee as whole beans or medium ground

For additional information, please contact us directly by email



In the GTA, or for Canada-wide shipping, Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee is available from

Java Works Coffee

or from their location at 1080 Stacey Court, Mississauga.

Because of the volume shipping rates available to Java Works, purchases of three pounds or more include FREE shipping within Canada.



Rio Olancho coffee is available from Rick Abma at

Good Neighbour Coffee

in Lacombe, AB

For more information, please contact Rick

It is also served at Inglewood Christian Reformed Church, Edmonton.  

In British Columbia, the coffee is available through New Westminster Christian Reformed Church (Burnaby) and New Life Christian Reformed Church (Abbotsford).



In addition to being available for purchase through the partners listed above, Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee is also served at the following churches in Southern Ontario:

  • Acton - Bethel Christian Reformed Church
  • Ancaster - Ancaster Christian Reformed
  • Brantford - Hope Christian Reformed Church
  • Brantford - Queensway Baptist Church
  • Dundas - Calvin Christian Reformed
  • Flamborough - Calvary Christian Reformed
  • Georgetown Christian Reformed Church
  • Guelph - New Life Christian Reformed
  • Hamilton - First Christian Reformed
  • Waterdown - Bethel Christian Reformed



Rio Olancho is also available at Sobey's Waterdown, through Personal Service Coffee on Parkdale Ave N., Hamilton, and is proudly served at Kamoosh Bistro, 34 Main St., N., Waterdown.

Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee is also a great gift for family and friends, and a number of businesses provide Rio Olancho coffee as a Christmas gift to their customers and suppliers.  To learn more about how you or your business can support community development in Honduras while also enjoying great-tasting coffee, please contact us by email.



Cafe operators looking for a delicious coffee with a unique story, as well as coffee retailers and groups looking to support mission work in Honduras, may want to consider becoming import partners.

Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee is imported to Canada once a year, with the shipment usually arriving sometime in July.  Import partners have the opportunity to purchase green coffee beans at the wholesale price.  Your purchase must be 750 pounds or more, in increments of 150 lb. bags.  A portion of your payment is required up-front, in order to purchase the coffee, transport it for processing, pay the processing charge as well as export taxes.  For additional information about becoming an import partner, please call Ken at 905-630-6977 or contact us by email.