Quality is Top Priority

Top Priority
for Coffee Growers

Exceptional coffee is the result of meticulous care at each stage of the process.  Rio Olancho coffee producers are committed to ensuring that only their very best green coffee beans are exported to Canada, for you to enjoy.

Through field visits, workshops and one-on-one training provided by Diaconia Nacional and the Honduran Coffee Institute (IHCAFE), the Rio Olancho coffee producers learn how to achieve the highest quality at each stage of growing, picking, sorting and preparation of their strictly high-grown Arabica coffee.

Once picked, the coffee is dried and the husks are removed, and it is inspected for quality before being processed at the modern COCAOL facility in Santa Maria del Real.  As part of the emphasis on quality, any defective coffee beans are removed through triple hand-sorting by experienced sorters.

Finally, before being deemed export-worthy, the coffee is cupped and scored by a panel of experts, and must achieve a rating of 'excellence'.

And the training continues after the harvest, as producers again meet with IHCAFE trainers to participate in a 'Cup of Excellence' competition and taste how their quality-control efforts are achieving a premium flavour.

The hard-working Rio Olancho coffee growers take tremendous pride in their coffee.  They sincerely hope you enjoy their coffee, and they thank you for the support that allows them to provide a better future for themselves, their families and their communities.