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When you choose Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee, in addition to enjoying delicious Arabica coffee, you are also supporting hardworking growers in a dozen communities throughout Olancho, Honduras.

The Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee Project is an amazing success story, made possible by the commitment and hard work of coffee producers in remote communities throughout Olancho.  Beginning in 2009 with just six producers in the village of El Carrizal, the project now involves 60 growers from a dozen communities.

Prior to this project, these small-quantity growers received a fraction of the market price for producing standard grade coffee.  But with encouragement from The Carpenteros and Friends and Diaconia Nacional – an agency of the Christian Reformed Church in Honduras – these growers took a leap of faith by focusing on producing the highest quality coffee possible.

Now, more than 25,000 pounds of unroasted premium green coffee beans are exported to Canada each year.  The Rio Olancho Direct Trade Coffee that you enjoy is always freshly roasted, and with each cup you are helping to bring a better future to rural communities throughout Olancho.